UF CVM Faculty Council Advocacy Award 2022

The Faculty Council established the Advocacy Award this year to recognize those who courageously advocate for the UF CVM community. The inaugural awards were given to Dr. Maureen Long and Glen Mapes. 

Congratulations to Dr. Maureen Long and Glen Mapes for being the inaugural recipients of the new Faculty Council Advocacy Award, established for commitment of the highest level in the advocacy of the principles of integrity, courage and selfless action for the benefit of students, colleagues, staff, clients and the college. Dr. Long, a professor of virology/microbiology, has long advocated on behalf of the college and shared governance in numerous capacities, including as a member of UF’s Faculty Senate, the University Constitution Faculty Standing Committee and the UFCVM’s Constitution Committee, Faculty Council and more. Mapes serves as office manager in the college’s Human Resources office, working with faculty, staff, and administration on all aspects of employment, from recruitment to hiring to retirement and more, ensuring processes are as seamless as possible. His support of faculty during the tenure and promotion process is especially appreciated. These awards are so well deserved!