Academic Awards and Scholarship Committee

Faculty members for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
Some committees have additional student, staff, and ex-officio members. See SharePoint for full committee lists.

Chair: Ashley Allen-Durrance

Name Department Email
Jose I Aguirre Jose I Aguirre Department of Physiological Sciences
Ashley E Allen-Durrance Ashley E Allen-Durrance College of Veterinary Medicine Dean’s Office
Fiona P Maunsell Fiona P Maunsell Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Ayalew Mergia Ayalew Mergia Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology
Luisito S Pablo Luisito S Pablo Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine
Julia A Wuerz Julia A Wuerz Small Animal Clinical Sciences


The Awards and Scholarship Committee is a standing combined faculty and administrative committee which recommends nominees for selection to receive honors, scholarships, and awards.


The associate Dean for academic and student affairs (or equivalent or designate) shall be the Chair of this committee. The committee shall consist of five faculty members, representing the departments. Ex-officio, non-voting members can include the Director of Development, the Director of Public Relations, and other staff members as needed.


a. Prior to committee meetings in which awards and scholarships are to be determined, a minimum of 30 days prior notice will be provided to members of the faculty seeking names of individuals for awards that have a nomination process. The name of the award and criteria for its selection will be provided in this communication. b. The committee will (1) recommend students for scholarships based on stated criteria and satisfactory academic progress, (2) recommend students for awards based on performance and specific award criteria, and (3) review nominations for faculty awards. c. The committee will communicate the recommendations to the Associate Dean for Academics and Student Affairs so can arrange for certain scholarships and awards to be presented. d. All discussions will be confidential and detailed minutes from these meeting will be provided and maintained by Academics and Student Affairs office.