Graduate Studies Committee

Faculty members for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
Some committees have additional student, staff, and ex-officio members. See SharePoint for full committee lists. At the beginning of each year, the committee selects an Associate Chair who is designated to become the Chair of the committee the following year.

Chair: Ricardo Chebel
Associate Chair: TBD

Name Department Email
John A Bowden John A Bowden Department of Physiological Sciences
Ricardo C Chebel Ricardo C Chebel Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Aria Eshraghi Aria Eshraghi Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology
Domenico Santoro Domenico Santoro Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Janet K Yamamoto Janet K Yamamoto Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine


The Graduate Studies Committee is a faculty standing committee that shall consider matters appropriate to all College graduate programs by overseeing curricula and assisting in the development of policies and procedures for administration of these programs. These consist of MS/PhD degrees and graduate certificate programs, whether by thesis or non-thesis, using in-residence and/or online formats. Duties are: a. The committee shall serve as an advisory group to the Faculty, the Dean and the Associate Deans relating to the administration of College graduate programs and combined fellowships and graduate programs. This effort includes the review and approval of VME and other non-VEM courses, whether graduate or undergraduate level, after departmental review and prior to forwarding to Faculty Council for approval by the Faculty. b. The committee will review the progress of all graduate students annually and of all College graduate programs every three years. c. The committee will coordinate efforts toward improvements in the operation of College graduate programs. d. The committee will encourage Faculty participation and coordinate efforts in recruitment of graduate students. e. The committee will promote College graduate programs through development of and review of College and, where necessary, departmental program informational documents. This includes the development and maintenance of College graduate program websites. f. The committee will review nominations and select CVM nominees for annual fellowships and other graduate student awards given by the UF Graduate School.


The committee will be composed of one member of the graduate faculty from each department and a graduate student representative selected by the Veterinary Graduate Student Association to serve as a liaison. The term of committee membership will be for three years. New members will take office on July 1 of each year. Members shall be limited to two consecutive terms. An Associate Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee will be elected at the start of the year who advances to the Chair position in the following year to assure adequate preparation and orderly progression to committee Chair responsibilities. The Associate Chair of the committee will serve as the acting Chair in the absence of the Chair. The Associate Dean for Research or equivalent will be an ex-officio member.


a. The committee will meet as needed, but at a minimum on a quarterly basis to perform the duties. Meetings can be called by any member of the committee. b. The committee will meet as needed to discuss development of new graduate programs, changes to existing programs, and triennial review of individual programs. c. For awards, a minimum of 30 days prior notice will be provided to members of the regular faculty, seeking names of individuals for awards that have a nomination process. The packets will be distributed electronically to the members of the committee, and recommendations regarding the recipients of these awards will be made. d. The Chair of the committee will present an annual review regarding its activities and progress toward improvement of College graduate studies. e. Minutes of these meetings will be posted for public access.