Information Technology Committee

Faculty members for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
Some committees have additional student, staff, and ex-officio members. See SharePoint for full committee lists. At the beginning of each year, the committee selects an Associate Chair who is designated to become the Chair of the committee the following year.

Chair: Aaron Mickle
Associate Chair: Jennifer Repac

Name Department Email
Joao Bittar Joao Bittar Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Aitor Gallastegui Menoyo Aitor Gallastegui Menoyo Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Aaron Mickle Aaron Mickle Department of Physiological Sciences
Jennifer A Repac Jennifer A Repac Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine
Banikalyan Swain Banikalyan Swain Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology


The College Information Technology (IT) Committee is a faculty standing committee that shall act to ensure that the IT-related research, education, and service needs of all college users are identified and recommendations to address these needs are made to the faculty and the Dean. The committee will: a. identify issues and opportunities, and will offer recommendations pertaining to IT applications within the College, and review and/or offer recommendations pertaining to college-wide policies for computer usage and IT. b. identify issues and opportunities and offer recommendations pertaining to IT applications within the college as well as identify extramural grant opportunities that can facilitate college IT improvement. c. represent CVM on Health Sciences and UF Campus IT committees including the Research Computing Advisory Committee. d. identify issues and make recommendations pertaining to the function of IT services, and review and make recommendations regarding prioritization of identified IT needs. e. provide assistance for implementation of ad hoc projects pertaining to IT-related research, teaching and service needs of the faculty as requested by the Faculty Council or the Dean.


The Information Technology Committee shall consist of one faculty representative from each College department. The Chair of the committee will be elected annually from among faculty members. An Associate Chair will be elected at the start of the year who advances to the Chair position in the following year to assure adequate preparation and orderly progression to committee Chair responsibilities. The Associate Chair will serve as the acting Chair in the absence of the Chair. Representatives of the Academic Health Center IT, Director of Medical/Health Administration, the Executive Associate Dean and the Education Coordinator from the Academics and Student Affairs office will serve as ex officio non-voting members. Ad hoc, non-voting members may be recommended by the Dean to the Chair to assist with specific problems or projects as needed. Terms of service for ad hoc members should be one year, with the option for re-appointment.


a. The committee will meet as needed, but at a minimum on a quarterly basis to perform the duties. Meetings can be called by any member of the committee. b. The Chair of the Committee will be elected at the last meeting of the year before new members are appointed. c. In order to engage in systematic monitoring of the quality of IT services, the committee will seek feedback from the faculty, including working with the IT staff to carry out
surveys that review relevant service issues. The Committee will report their findings with appropriate recommendations to the Dean and Faculty Council. d. Minutes of these meetings will also be forwarded to the administration for posting on a faculty-accessible committee website. e. A yearly overview of Committee activities will be presented to the Faculty Assembly.