Promotion and Tenure Committee

Faculty members for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
Some committees have additional student, staff, and ex-officio members. See SharePoint for full committee lists. At the beginning of each year, the committee selects an Associate Chair who is designated to become the Chair of the committee the following year.

Chair: Paul Cooke
Associate Chair: Roy Curtiss

Name Department Email
Amy B Alexander Amy B Alexander Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine
Paul S Cooke Paul S Cooke Department of Physiological Sciences
Roy Curtiss Roy Curtiss Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology
Daniel A Lewis Daniel A Lewis Psychiatry – Jacksonville
Martha Mallicote Martha Mallicote Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Adesola Odunayo Adesola Odunayo Small Animal Clinical Sciences
D O Rae D O Rae Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Leah R Reznikov Leah R Reznikov Department of Physiological Sciences
Bikash Sahay Bikash Sahay Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology
Justin W Shmalberg Justin W Shmalberg Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine


The promotion and tenure committee is a standing regular faculty committee composed of tenured and mission-track faculty that (1) shall evaluate packets submitted by faculty for promotion and/or tenure, (2) cast formal votes on faculty applications and (3) advise the Dean with respect to all promotion and tenure nominations that have been forwarded from the departments. The Promotion and Tenure Committee shall also advise the Faculty, through Faculty Assembly or Faculty Council, and the Dean on matters brought forth regarding policies related to promotion and tenure within the College.


The committee shall have ten (10) regular faculty members, both tenured and mission-track, with three year staggered terms. Five members will be professors, and five will be associate professors. Five members will be tenured, and five will be mission-track faculty. Each of the members shall be appointed by the Chair in each department. In the event that a total of ten faculty (five tenured and five mission track) are not elected by the CVM departments, appointment of non-elected members will be made by the Dean or Executive Associate Dean to provide proportionate representation of the departments and faculty missions.

The Dean, Associate Deans, department chairs and similar faculty with administrative title shall not be eligible to serve on the Promotion and Tenure Committee and cannot attend any meeting as ex officio members. The committee will be chaired by a regular, tenured faculty member who holds the rank of professor. An Associate Chair will be elected at the start of the year who advances to the Chair position in the following year to assure adequate preparation and orderly progression to committee Chair responsibilities. The Associate Chair will serve as acting Chair in the absence of the Chair and will be tenure-track and hold the rank of Professor.


a. This committee shall meet to consider applications for tenure and promotion and to review candidates progressing toward tenure and/or promotion. Meetings will be scheduled by the committee Chair. All discussions must be kept in strictest confidence. b. Tenure reviews, mid-career reviews for tenure accruing faculty, and tenure upon hire reviews will be performed by a sub-committee consisting of tenured faculty members. c. Promotions and mid-career reviews for promotions will be performed by a subcommittee consisting of all members who hold a rank superior to that of the candidate under consideration. d. The committee will prepare, using CVM and University guidelines and regulations, a fact-finding report for each application for tenure, promotion and third year review. e. Fact-finding reports for tenure and promotion will be submitted only to the Dean who will be responsible for informing individual faculty and department chairs. f. Fact-finding reports for third year review will be submitted to the Dean, the Chair of the relevant department and the candidate. The Chair of P&T or designate will meet with each candidate and the Chair of the relevant department to discuss the report with the candidate. g. The only public report of the committee shall be the annual report to Faculty Assembly which should be statistical and not relate specific information on applications. An electronic copy of this statistical report will also be forwarded to the administration and placed electronically for public access. h. The committee will also consider procedural matters of the promotion and tenure process as necessary and make recommendations for procedural changes as appropriate to the Dean.